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We provide services for hands free investors which works buy agreeing a set loan amount, paying a competitive fixed % APR every month to the end of the agreed contract length or you can chose to be repaid the full investment with the agreed interest at the end of the contract. This is our most hassle free form of investment for our clients. As we take care of legal fees, You receive 100% passive income and there is peace of mind knowing your money is working harder for you than it would be sitting in the bank.

We offer a bespoke service to our clients which enables us to source good cash flowing properties within the investors criteria in areas which have seen positive growth to property values.


For the investor looking to grow their personal portfolio by purchasing property’s that are run down and need modernising, our trusted build team are on hand to transform a once dated property by bringing it back to life adding value to the asset which will then be ready for tenants and thats where the cash flow journey begins.

Investors looking for a ready made BTL property purchase can be assisted with direction on what areas are safe to invest in. This enables the greatest possible returns and our relationship with the local agents will ensure that you will be provided with the correct information to aid in the decision making process.

For Investors wanting to start at a lower entry point but still have the motivation to see better returns on capital they have in the bank, we have options available which we will be happy to discuss.

Types Of Investment


Single Let​

A Single Let is where you have a house or an apartment that you let out to one tenant. The one tenant could be family or an individual who pay a fixed monthly income to reside at the property.

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This stands for Buy, Refurbish, Rent, Refinance, Repeat. BRRRR is a type of property investment strategy that involves buying properties that require refurbishment, doing them up, renting them out and then refinancing to release some (or all) of the invested capital.


Loan Agreement​

A Loan Agreement, also known as a term loan or loan contract, is a document between a lender (the investor) and a borrower (Intouch property Investing) that details a repayment schedule. The loan amount is typically paid back at the end of the term with both parties agreeing to a fixed % rate of return which can be paid as monthly interest or at the end of the agreement on top of the full loan

Commercial Conversions

A commercial conversion involves transforming a commercial property into multiple residential units.

There are a number of reasons why this is a very attractive property strategy:

  • There is planning certainty through the use of Permitted Development (PD) rules which mean that the an application for a commercial conversion must be decided by the local council within 8 weeks.
  •  The criteria for a PD application are quite limited: it should not take up more than 1,500 square metres, it must have been empty for the previous three months, it needs to pass daylight sufficiency test, contamination test, flood test, noise test and it can’t be a listed building.
  • There are many opportunities to convert commercial properties, especially offices: demand for offices has dropped considerably due to changes in working habits as a result of the pandemic. On the flip side, the demand for residential continues to be very strong due to a national shortage of housing supply.
  • Development finance is available for such projects, however This market is not a well understood by many property investors and developers.
  • Property investors can think of a commercial conversion as a multi-unit Buy & Refurbish project, with the exit strategy being either to sell the newly created residential units or to hold and rent them out, or a combination of the two.
  • While there are economic uncertainties such as rising inflation and mixed market signals for house prices, the opportunities in commercial conversions continue to be strong.

Types Of Finance



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